Winter Wonderland and I Felt Like Alice

Aspens in the winter

Aspens in the winter are nearly as beautiful as they are in full bloom mid-October.


A view of Steamboat from the house where I stayed.

The house from the meadow

Um, that’s the house. No, I didn’t see Robin Leach. It was silly luxurious and I enjoyed every second of it, including the gourmet kitchen and the hot tub. The funny thing is I would have been just as happy in a snowboarder hostel in town.

A new sport to love

Snow shoeing is basically snow hiking. I desperately needed to get outside and do something athletic after tons of traveling. After two miles of hiking around like this, I desperately needed more air. The altitude kicked my ass and I’m pretty sure the hangover didn’t help.

Molly and I head off

Then again, I can’t wait to return. I feel like I’m dating Colorado and we’re finally getting serious. It’s just a matter of time before it is a passionate affair and I’ve moved in and made myself at home. (Not that I’m the clingy type, but you know. I just don’t see Colorado moving into my condo. It’s a matter of practicality really.)


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  1. Ah, yes. Colorado is such a lovely state. All those mountains are certainly a draw for this girl from the plains. We visited the Great Sand Dunes Nationa Park last spring on our family vacation – it was fabulous! Definately one to put on your list.

  2. colorado is one of my favorite places to visit. no matter the time of year. but being from kansas, the altitude totally kicks my ass too!

  3. What stunning photographs!! You look so happy in all that snow. Would you ever move there? Doesn’t your brother live there or did I just make that up?

  4. Your trip photos are gorgeous, Kelli! You look great on your snowskis and I’m glad you had a fantastic time.

    My daughter’s husband is a chef and just accepted a position at a major resort in Vail. They are so excited about moving to Colorado next month and enjoying all of that state’s beauty.

  5. Whose sweet pup? Love the snowshoeing shots – I wish we’d had a chance to go, but alas, the powder was too good to resist skiing.

    Perhaps one day when I’m coming to visit you…

  6. Gorgeous photos! When I graduated from college, I drove cross-country with the intention of moving to Boulder. My friends were heading out to San Fran and I decided to go all the way with them and ended up falling in love with the city and staying for a few years. CO is lovely, though!

  7. Steamboat Springs is one of the prettiest places in Colorado. i just love it there, especially in the springtime. And yes, the altitude will get to you!

  8. Beautiful pictures! The Rockies are spectacular. It does take a few days to adjust to the altitude though.
    Glad you had a nice time!

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