WIP — Friday

August 4th


I’ve been sewing up a storm lately. (It seems to be working. We’re in the middle of our monsoon season in Phoenix and the weather is cooling off. Yay! AND!! If you haven’t heard the news, they think they caught the serial shooters this morning. Very good news for Phoenicians.)

Back to the works in progress:


Swing bags, for friends, my staff in Bolivia and maybe even a new fall bag for moi. All minus that giant bow.

WIP, 2

And In Town bags.

I love these Amy Butler patterns. They are actually worth the $12, especially when you make as many of these as I have. I cut out 8 bags yesterday while home babysitting for a friend’s five-year-old. She watched DVDs while I pulled an Edward Scissorhands at the dining room table. We were both perfectly content.

I’m off to Seattle for the weekend to play! Happy Friday to all,

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15 Responses

  1. Its a good thing you have a DVD player. 😉

  2. I love seeing everyone’s WIP Friday photos–so inspiring. My collection of Amy Butler patterns is growing and I’m having a blast with them. By the way, I live in Tucson and it’s icky weather here, too. It flooded so bad on Monday that my telephone line still isn’t working–thank goodness for cell phones. Wonderful news about catching the serial psychos–I haven’t heard the news yet today (am watching the British Open {women’s golf] as I sew my Club Little House projects.

  3. Seattle!? Color me green with envy. I’ve only visited there once, but loved it & am dying to return. Have a fab time!

  4. Lovely patterns that will make lovely bags!

    Have a great time in Seattle. That’s where that stamping/card making/arty little store is. I am afraid if I ever go there I will spend ALL of my money!

  5. Your pictures of projects are terrific. Hope your time in Seattle is as fun as mine was last weekend. Thanks for sharing your inspirational pics. I have hopes of one day soon spending an entire day sewing, guilt free. Have a terrific weekend.

  6. I was so happy to hear on the news this morning that your serial killers were apprehended! Yay for you!

    I have always been distracted by the big bow on the swing bag. I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not … Have you made them without the bow? I’m curious what they look like.

    Have a great weekend in Seattle.

  7. you are so busy with all the colorful fabrics. you will make some ladies very happy. nice work.

  8. I always get the country living magazine which is out monthly, is there a different version of country living for america?

  9. Love the fabric you have Kelli! Please take pics of the finished projects…& have a great trip to Seattle!

  10. You are so productive! I guess that’s the way to go, do all the fabric cutting at once and then all the sewing. Those swing bags looks cute, definetely without the bow though;)

  11. Great color choices on the bags. I’m especially drawn toward the greens you chose. I hope you enjoyed Seattle. It was a perfect weekend weatherwise although I heard traffic was a challenge because of the air show. Did you get over to any of the islands?

  12. can’t wait to see your swing bags! definitely a good choice to leave out the big bow…

  13. when i first saw the giant bow on that bag, i instinctively leaned away from my monitor. your decision to remove it is rock solid!

  14. amy butler patterns are so great. I just got a whole book of her patterns and am so excited. i can’t believe you’re making 8 swing bags. hard-core. love the fabrics you picked out. and i’m with you on that bow. really don’t know what she was thinking with that.