Wish I Could Turn Off My Inner Nag

May 14th

stacking up

Just for a second, I wish I could turn of my conscience. I’m not talking about the Holy Spirit or my mother’s voice — which schizophrenically I also hear on occasion. Or even my internal critic who has been piping up way to often lately. (As Annie Lamott would say, it is time stop listening to KFUCKED and turn on something more pleasant, such as KROCKS.)
If I could just temporarily walk away from what is right and wrong for a second, do you know what I’d let myself do? Steal this shirt.

wrong to steal a shirt for charity?

Meegan sent it as part of the Peace T-Shirt project and it is handmade, includes fabric that looks quite African, is soft and I’m pretty sure would fit me perfectly. It is wrong to steal and quadruply wrong to do so when charity is involved. So, I won’t steal, but I will covet. I will hand it out in Nicaragua or Mozambique with a smile and meekly remember I have an entire closet of clothes and I shouldn’t be such a selfish little t-shirt grub.

handmade shirts from Meegan

On a more positive note: my goodness, the t-shirts are rolling in. Stacks of them are arriving at my mailbox and the mailman has joked with me more than once that I certainly receive a suspicious amount of foreign mail. Hopefully he doesn’t have a Bat phone to this crazy administration we are under or you never know — I could be locked up Rovian-style without any rights. Then again, you know what would look pretty appropriate behind bars? This cute stripy t-shirt.

really want this one

Thanks to all who are sending in shirts. I’m going to have more than I can take, more than likely. It is certainly one of those weeks where I pinch myself because I’m blessed beyond belief.

that's the idea
little explorers
cannot wait to use this at the orphanage
message received

Peace. Love. Pink onsies. Theft. Hmm…


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14 Responses

  1. Looks like you’re receiving some adorable shirts!

  2. LOL you are too cute.

  3. sorrow May 14, 2008

    Wow! that is so awesome to hear! All these wonderful t’s for kids!
    Mine go out tomorrow, I hope you have room for 5 more!
    LOL, if not maybe you can steal mine….(I think they might be 2 small…)

  4. I have a big stack too…let me know if you have too many and I will donate them somewhere else. ;))

    I have a big stack of men’s t-shirts, some girls size 8 and boys size 5.

  5. I had a brilliant idea of how you could fit more shirts – I’ll come with you and bring a giant suitcase šŸ™‚ If only that were possible. I know you are doing amazing work around the world and though my part is only the giving of onesies I sure wish it could be more. Good luck organizing all the shirts!!

  6. Kelli I’m glad you have enough. I went out and bought them and even got the envelope ready but somehow circumstance prevented me from sending them out and now it’s too late. I’m really sorry…:-(

  7. I cannot believe I let your porject slip my mind *sigh*
    I’m glad others stepped up and got it done. I wish you well when you go!! šŸ™‚

  8. Sorry I didn’t have time lately to join your project, but I’m sure you have in store more for the future, so I’ll have another chance!

  9. Kelli, I’m so tickled that you are receiving lots of shirts for your peace project. That we can help in some small way is such a blessing. Thank you for letting us be part of this, too.

  10. That t shirt is awesome. I also love the writing on the pink onsie. I did not participate in this drive because I have become involved in collecting t shirts and toiletries for the homeless at my church each Tuesday. Glad to see that your many loyal readers have you well supplied.

  11. Once again a wonderful project, Kelli!
    I know you’re going to make many people very happy with these shirts! Especially the stripey one šŸ™‚

  12. I’m glad your t-shirt drive is going well. My apologies for slacking and not sending you any…

    I just got back from a trip to the States, was checking through the blogs I missed, and noticed that you too were at the Grand Canyon last week! It was my first time to that big hole — wow!

    And thanks for your kind comment on my blog recently — I can’t email you back directly, but I just wanted to chime in here to say thanks. =)

  13. I am so excited to be a part of this. I haven’t been able to before. I forgot to put a note in my package, but please know the front of the shirts say “Paz” which is Portuguese for “Peace”