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March 23rd

on the bookshelf

I used to laugh at those who didn’t read the newspaper or keep up with current events. I thought it was so important to be up with the latest CNN bullet points. Only recently have I been making a point of avoiding gossip sites and magazines. {A life without the latest Hilton/Lohan/Spears shenanigans is in fact a more pleasant existence.} I’m listening to a lot more music and a lot less NPR. Even better, I’ve been opening the windows and listening to the birds, the wind, my heartbeat. I’m not reading nearly as much news, or letting my favorite anchor pull me into the streets of Tikrit.
I promise I’ll return one day, but I need a break. A media fast — or better yet, a media diet. I’m trying to live more intentionally in many ways. I’m certainly feeling happier as a result.

Yesterday Ultimate was canceled because of the beautiful rain that blanketed the Valley. Suddenly I had three hours of my late afternoon handed back to me, tied with a velvety Shiraz bow. I poured myself a nice glass, made a great salad, turned on some tunes and got busy behind my sewing machine.

purse among the books

I’ve been thinking about creating this bag for a bit. I don’t know why I’m on a Nancy Drew kick as of late, but I am. I tried to make this bag to look as much as possible like the old Nancy Drew mysteries — the ones with the golden covers, black bindings and creamy, worn pages. I used canvas for the lining and the Amy Butler downtown bag pattern. Voila!

Nancy Drew Book Purse, side view

Another CAOK gift going out in the mail today.

Mystery of the fire dragon

Tomorrow morning I’m going on a 20-plus mile ride to swim at a new pool in north Scottsdale. It is time to begin the brick training for this triathlon and I am a bit nervous. I hope I have energy to swim after the ride. I hope I make the ride without any mishaps. (In the last two weeks, I’ve had several friends hit by cars/Fed Ex trucks when on their road bikes.) I’m also hoping to have enough energy to ride home after the tough practice. I was swimming the other day with my new team when I realized three of the four swimmers in my lane are former Olympians. Huh. Needless to say, their presence in my lane is about as close as I’ve ever been to swimming for my country. I’m so glad I joined this team. The challenge is incredible!

You know, Nancy Drew always liked a challenge.
Happy weekend fellow sleuths,

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  1. Cute bag!

    Good luck on the ride & the swim. If you need a ride home, I am sure your bike will fit in the back of my minivan. Let me know!

  2. Very cute! I love to swim!

  3. love the nancy drew bag. how fun.

    if i remember correctly, you made something else with nancy drew last year …

  4. I’ve tried but my crush on Anderson Cooper won’t allow me. 😉

    LOVE the bag. I have a goal to collect the entire hardback series of Nancy Drew’s for when Syd is older. Le sigh.

  5. The bag is gorgeous! I loved Nancy Drew.. and also those books with the girl with the palomino?? Do you remember them?

  6. I love the bag! I so need a sewing maching after looking at your creations- they are so amazing!

  7. I ADORE the little Nancy Drew bag you made me. Such a cute idea, but I dig how you made this one look like the book. You know how much I love my Nancy Drew. Did you read in my email from yesterday that there’s a Nancy Drew movie coming out? I’m not thrilled that they’re making it a “Nancy moves to the big city where she’s a little out of place and old-fashioned!” movie, as opposed to just a straight “Girl goes on adventure with her two best friends” movie. THAT is the movie I want to see.

  8. Oh and also, can I say I think you’ve progressively gotten better at the sewing? Loving the attention to detail lately like the dutch/africa thing and the bag/book thing. Very nice.

  9. Wonderful!
    How did you get the bookcover on the bag? Is it a print on fabric?

  10. my 10 year old is a huge nancy drew fan! i am soooo delighted! love the bag. hope you don’t get hit by a truck. seriously, be careful!

  11. tracifree March 23, 2007

    Yeah, tell us how you got the bookcover on the bag.

  12. Your creations always amaze me, but this Nancy Drew bag takes the cake! How adorable!!! Good luck with your ride and swim 🙂

  13. I thought of you the other day when the weather report said Phoenix had a big rain storm. I hope it rains here soon, we are in the middle of a major drought. I would love a rainy Friday night at home! The Nacy Drew bag is terrific!

  14. Jennifer March 23, 2007

    I always think of Nancy Drew with delight. I love how she was always changing into or out of fresh dresses and pumps (pumps – I’m such a shoe girl!!). The bag is *perfect*. The yellow/black/cream synchronicity is wonderful.

    I also heartily support your media fast. I find the constant barrage of media stimulation at counter-purpose to my mental health. CNN is the worst, with its anchor, running banners, and other visual prompts – all at one time. Whoa! Talk about overwhelming!!

    As you’re finding, when you revel in the music of your self, your neighborhood, and the songs of the world, strangely, you will feel more connected and up-to- date. Yay you! And when you’re ready, try this site for a refreshing take on the news machine: http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/

  15. Ack! I love it! What memories it brings back – I have that exact book down in my basement. Great choices in fabric, too.
    Oh, and be careful on that bike! Yikes!

  16. Goodluck and safe travels with the biking and swimming. I was a Trixie Belden reader myself, followed by The Famous Five and Secret Seven. I had a few Namcy Drew books that I read over and over, but I never felt compelled to have the wholeset as I did with the others.

  17. I’m glad you had a little break to relax and do some quiet-time things. Your Nancy Drew bag is fun! I’m making a Nancy Drew theme gift for my niece for her birthday and have been reading a Nancy Drew site to refresh some old memories of good times with the book series: http://www.nancydrewsleuth.com/. There’s all kinds of details at this site, including a tiny bit of crafting and even party planning regarding Nancy Drew.

    It is indeed nice to step back from the overwhelming and often depressing news stories; I’ve been doing the same thing myself lately. I’m aware of things going on in the world but I don’t feel the need right now to immerse myself in all the negativity. I think the link for good news provided by one of your commenters (Jennifer) is a wonderful idea.

    Your training efforts will all pay off. I am truly impressed and inspired by your hard work towards your triathalon goals.

  18. Wonderful bag! The colors work so well. Sounds like the perfect item for a trip to the bookstore!

    I woke up to beautiful rain this morning. Everything looks new and the colors are SO vivid! Just love that.
    I’m sure the rain was welcome there after the high 90s.

    Good luck on your biking/swimming today! I bet it will be so nice for the ride.

  19. Mmmmmm shiraz. My very favorite. Wine and sewing. Sounds wonderful to me. I love that bag!
    Your athleticism is an inspiration.

  20. Sometimes I wish I could let go of watching the news, of getting my daily NY Times fix. Unfortch, I’m still quite the news junkie. *sigh* but, kudos to you for finding some peace and quiet.

    The bag is absolutely fabulous.

  21. Well my favourite CNN anchor was Aaron Brown (I guess I’m dating myself here), I can’t get into the kid, I got tired of him long ago. I wish I could also turn the news off but since 9/11 I find that impossible to do. I don’t sit and watch, but it’s always there in the background. It is a horrible way to live, I really need to turn it off. I also read 3 papers a day. I just realized, I really need to get a life…ciao

  22. ACK!

    OK – I know that you said many interesting things about “media fasting” and “brick training” – many, many interesting things upon which I was going to comment.

    Until I saw the bag.

    THE BAG!

    The wonderful, fabulous, amazingly darling and clever bag!
    And now I’m rendered all but speechless as I gaze upon the bag…

    Nancy Drew rocks.
    and so do you.


  23. Cute bag! Be safe and enjoy the weekend.

  24. Nice bag, really. Now, why not setting a new trend? Bags with your fav readings on it, or posters of your fav movies……
    And what’s more fantastic than unexpected free time to spend as you like? It’s such a gift!

  25. I forgot…..No gossips for me neither, well sort of, no OTHER gossips but HIM (you know who I’m talking about)

  26. What a great idea for a bag! I’m a Nancy Drew girl from way back. 🙂

  27. you are such an inspiration, kelli! hope the training goes well… and stay safe, dear! will be thinking of you.
    very, very cute new bag! is that book-print fabric or did you do a transfer?
    oh and the news… sigh… i am at a point where i can take it in very measured doses. i suppose a good and bad thing about the internet news is that you can get exactly what you want, and can avoid the rest if you have to… but i’m pretty addicted to jon stewart + stephen colbert and i find that hearing about a lot of what is happening politically through them is like taking a spoon full of sugar with the medicine.

  28. What a cute bag! I love your idea of making it as much like the old hardcovers as possible.

    And the media diet–that’s totally the way to live. I like knowing a little of what’s going on, but I’m so much happier singing than listening to bad news from all over. Sometimes I love celebrity gossip, but more and more it seems almost as demoralizing as the war.

  29. I’m trying to cut down on habitual TV (e.g. pre-bed Daily Show), and my NPR listening is definitely cyclical. But I must have something – when all these bad things are going on, I kind of feel like, if I’m not being politically active to change things, at least I can suffer along by at least knowing what other people are going through. (The “Betrayed” article in this week’s New Yorker – about Iraqis who’ve helped Americans and are getting nothing back – was disturbing in this way – what can we do?) I guess you maybe get a better picture anyway when you read books like the one you’re doing – but then it’s after the fact. I know I’d be happier to not hear how awfully this thing is progressing – but that seems callous. On the other hand, I’m just a spectator anyway, so what’s the difference? I don’t know how to wrestle with this frustration.

    Oh, and dang – you must be a speedy swimmer! I once had a lane-mate tell me she swam in the Olympics…in 1956.

  30. I was just at a conference over the weekend & LInda Ellerbee was the keynote — awesome. Her book, TAKE BIG BITES, is right up your alley, I think. Also? She writes and produces and hosts “Nick News”, a news program for kids on Nickelodeon, that doesn’t condescend. Once you’re ready to rejoin the media world, perhaps you could start there for less of a shock.

  31. I did not know that you loved N Drew. I’m an addict as well. I have a collection of the hardbacks that belonged to my mother. I still keep my eyes open for them in second hand bookstores, even in Europe. It’s an instinct. i always wanted to be her – cool, calm, collected and intelligent. and redhead. In fifth grade I tried the latter with a bottle and it came out orange…so I’ll just shoot for the inner Nancy qualities.

  32. All these bags your doing are wonderful! I love the image on this one. I too don’t like a lot of TV and such. I even have to limit the computer or I get almost grouchy feeling. I know my kids even act better when they have very little tv. I guess to much makes them grouchy too. I have been wanting to do some COAK but it seems I am in ever moving motion right now in my life behind the blog, that I have failed to get any done. Sorry!

  33. This bag is incredible! I was a huge Nancy Drew fan as a kid and just recently began collecting the series that I read growing up. The bag you made is fabulous 🙂

  34. this bag is soooo awesome i can hardly stand myself!!!

  35. I can totally equate with the tuning out bit. I used to scan all of the international newpapers in the morning, listen to NPR on a regular basis and read up on current events in news mags. But lately I have totally phased that out and really I don’t miss it or feel a bit less informed.

    It provides more time to play, make something, do something or just be.