Wolf! Wolf!

Thank you for your concern yesterday. As luck would have it, I’m feeling great today (without having yet filled the prescriptions, mind you.) Tomorrow I’m taking the day off for medical tests and the such, but I should have said in the previous post that I think my doctor is a quack and I’m just fine.
Sorry to have cried wolf. I’m certain I’m fine, but going forward with the suggested tests just to put to rest my parent’s worries.

lip gloss

Following Aimee’s lead, today’s simple pleasure: swimming. I am swimming four times a week now, and am starting to gain some strength in the pool. In particular, swimming butterfly. It exhausts me like nothing else, but makes me feel powerful and graceful.

Today’s material pleasure: Neutrogena’s new shiny lip gloss. Love it. It is comparable to Lancome Juicy Tubes for 1/5th of the price. And it smells fruity and pretty too!

What’s making you smile?


11 Replies to “Wolf! Wolf!”

  1. I love cliniques lip balm in a little tube. It’s only small but I’ve had it over ayear now. Don’t know the cost as my mother gave it to me with some other clinique stuff as a present.

  2. Well, today I am smiling about my decision to try something new this evening – cycling class at my gym. I may not be smiling afterwards though!? I am very bad at changing my routine – well, change in general – so it’s a big step for me. (Yes, I’m a weiner!)

  3. So pleased you’re feeling a bit better today- hope the tests go okay, and you can enjoy your day off.
    My nice hot black coffee is making me smile today.

  4. Are you sure were not related in some way?! 🙂 I just bought this lip gloss on Monday. It really is my favorite, plus it does goes on smooth.

  5. Swimming! Oh I am green with envy. We used to have a pool where we were renting and no one used it but us! It was heaven.

    That sounds like great lip gloss too, I will have to check it out. 🙂

  6. I wish I could go swimming. Can you believe no one has a pool around here? Ugh. Good for you — butterfly was always my downfall. I got DQ’d more often than not on my IMs for it. Damn it.

    I’m definitely smiling about my new sewing project sitting on the table right now. Back into the world of sewing clothes I go! Plus, the long weekend, time with hubby, QT with the garden and my fabulous grandma’s 83rd birthday.

  7. I’m just catching up on bloglines. Wow, glad your scare wasn’t any more than just that. Glad all’s well. Yes, with those glossy lips I think we are all one step away from all those flavored Lip Smackers I used to love back, ahem, a while ago. Or maybe we’re already there. Cute.

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