Word Count Wednesday. Kinda.

Southern California

I’ve got a lengthy list of excuses. Can I add those to my word count? How about this: I’m in the thick of writing this novel. I’ve added 3000 words this week, and it feels good. I’m in my groove. Next week will be better, with more words and progress.

In the meantime, how great was time on that beach? So great!


2 Replies to “Word Count Wednesday. Kinda.”

  1. I’m jealous – it’s cold and blustery here, and I’m dreaming of a beach vacation (even if I will look like a beached whale when I’m there!) Trying to figure out the logistics for an early summer trip…

  2. Isn’t it funny how we try to do everything and something slips through. As much as I enjoy your blogs, I’m so glad you put in the time to writing and enjoying the ocean. Can’t wait to see book 2!

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