Word Count Wednesday

Dream Mexico Journal

23,200 words completed on novel 2 in the current draft, with about 10,000 more to be edited and added. Internets, hold my feet to the fire. I need to be adding 10-15,000 words a week to meet my April deadline for Novel 2.

The story is there, it’s just… My focus has been on other things. Christmas, traveling, Twitter. Pick your distraction and I will make it my new favorite way to pass time. Further motivation, I read about authors who publish a book each year and I wonder what I’m doing cruising TMZ.

Time to cut out the chatter and get my butt in gear.




3 Replies to “Word Count Wednesday”

  1. Happy New Year Kelli! I am reading Benjamen Franklin’s autobiography and just yesterday came upon his 13 virtues that he strove to live by; the one on “industry” makes me feel a little guilty about all my hours spent “researching” craft ideas on pinterest…ha! It’s so easy to come up with justifications…but the “doing” is what really matters, isn’t it?! Wishing you success in “industry” and all the other virtues in 2013, my friend– 🙂

  2. I am cheering you on! I think you are such an amazing writer and I can’t wait to read what you’ve been working so hard on. (And give yourself a little credit — writing a novel in your spare time is no small thing!)

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