Working With the Guarani

August 30th

Guyarani housing project, before photos

A few photos of the housing project we are beginning with the Guarani people of Bolivia. They are one more than 30 indigenous groups in this South American country. Their story is much like that of indigenous people internationally; they have been marginalized, forced to work in mines, had their children taken from them and ultimately placed on a reservation so they can preserve their way of life.

Guyarani housing project, before photos
Guyarani housing project, before photos
Guyarani housing project, before photos
Guyarani housing project, before photos
Guyarani housing project, before photos
Guyarani housing project, before photos
Guyarani housing project, before photos

I’m not sure they remember their way of life. The folks I visited with are struggling to meet their basic needs, including housing, education and health care. We hope to help with the housing portion. These families will participate in our improved housing project, bringing safe homes to the remote community of Timboy, in the Department of Tarija.

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17 Responses

  1. Beautiful photos Kelli!

  2. It’s a tragedy to see a culture lose its way of life–I think the whole world loses when that happens. I’m so glad you and your team are able to help.

  3. Kelli, Is that a house in some stage of construction? A finished house? Or a existing house?

    Your photos are beautiful. Amazing how much you have seen!

  4. What did you do to that poor little boy in the white and red hat? He looks like he’s giving you the evil eye!
    Your photos are beautiful, you’ve really caught the character and emotions of these people.

  5. Yes, beautiful photos of beautiful people that most of the time are forgotten:(

    Thanks you so much for sharing… this way, we may travel a bit through your eyes:)

  6. These women are so beautiful and the children so happy…makes you wonder what life would have been for them without all of the interference. Glad you and yoru group are able to help provide some of the necessities.

  7. Kelli, your pics and stories about people are amazing, as always! I can’t wait to see the rest.

  8. Kelli, I’m sure the need is overwhelming. It is very encouraging to see people out there sacrificing their time and resources helping people. Thank you.

  9. Beautiful pictures Kelli. I’m taken by the smiles on their faces. The innocence on the children’s faces….Your work is so inspirational.

  10. Gorgeous photos Kelli. I love the first one of the little girl giggling. She looks like she hasn’t a care in the world. And soon, with new housing she will have one less care. Thank you.

  11. Jennifer August 31, 2007

    Kelli – wonderful shots. What is the hole in the wall picture of? A mine or a home or…? What beautiful people.

  12. Looks like your work is progressing quite well. The people seem to appreciate your presence in trying to make their lives a little better.

    Glad the protest didn’t turn ugly. Dynamite.. silly Americans! lol

  13. amazing pics kelli!! the girl with the pig tails in the purple shirt. she is melting my heart.

  14. I had an anthropology class specifically on the Guarani and their culture is so colorful and mystical. I used to know a few phrases too. Thank you Kelli for your work with these people and as always for making these people and their situations accessable to us.

  15. “I’m not sure they remember their way of life”…wow. Ironic since they’re on a reservation for their people. Beautiful pictures, and as usual, I love the South American style of dress. They always seem to pull it together and wear cheery colors. I love the woman’s red dress with the ribbon at the bottom.

  16. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences of and with the Guarani. What you are doing is so important, even if it must feel sad, futile and like a drop in the bucket at times.

  17. such beautiful people. i’m sure they appreciated the time you spent with them and the efforts you and your org made to enrich their lives.