I’ve been spending a fair bit of time lately thinking about Darfur and how I feel hopeless. Rarely do I feel hopeless. I’ve written my congressmen. I’ve talked about this with anyone who will listen and a fair number of kind friends who don’t want to listen. I’ve watched the news reports, I’ve read the books, I’ve sat on my hands and done nothing more than pray for the last three years. Now, there are 2 million people living in refugee camps and the Janjaweed are firing on neutral forces — including the medics. I watched a 60 Minutes special on Darfur yesterday and cried for an hour, shaking in anger. Hitler similarly closed the borders and killed in destructive swaths. Where is the international force when we need it? They need it. Please, may someone hear my little voice and do something about this tragedy. I don’t know what else to do, and yet, I know I cannot live with myself if we don’t work to do something.
Do you have any ideas?

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  1. I wish I did. And I wish our government cared enough to do something. But I guess since there isn’t any oil there, it doesn’t matter to them.

  2. I don’t think it has anything to do with oil…that isn’t the reason for every single thing in the world…but I’m not sure why we aren’t doing more in aid, protection etc…or why the UN isn’t getting involved. I feel like you do Kelli. It is horribly unthinkable. 🙁

  3. there are a lot of unjusts in this world. sometimes we hear about it and sometimes we don’t. we must as individuals do something for a cause or for someone. when it is out of my reach, i prayer and hope. may we all give.

  4. oh kelli, its so difficult for me to watch such horrors, so much turmoil in the world…its good to know that there are souls like you out there actively doing something about it..i wish i had more solutions too…its hard to feel helpless with the big things like this…

  5. The Houston Holocaust Museum has an exhibit on Darfur, which is helping to educate everyone who comes to the museum. Many local synogogues and the Jewish Federation are also hosting events to bring awareness to the Darfur situation. You might want to check with your local Jewish Federation to see what steps are being made to help. If anything, it will help you to see that people are trying to help.

  6. Have the UN resolution implemented. Set up an email distribution list of friends and send out emails with instructions on how to write their legislators on this issue. You do the footwork, we call. Keep your list informed on current developments, and we call some more… Create a collective voice, lead the collective voice.

  7. Give to humanitarian associations, talk about it to anyone willing to listen so to spread awarness on the subject, be an active part in any public demonstration, it’s all I can think of. Sorry, I don’t think praying is a solution…..

  8. I have a friend going there now to do humanitarian work. Pray for her and for others to be aware of what’s going on. Talk about it on your blog. Most people just aren’t able to comprehend how bad things are because it’s hard to understand when they have never experienced horrific situations.

  9. I KNOW. That’s all I have to say – I KNOW. I know the anger well!

    (And everyone’s ideas are great.)

    Keep feeling and keep the sadness and the passion and the energy going. And hope that more people join you.

    Also, maybe send a copy of Hotel Rwanda to the White House?

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