September 12th

Holy moses

Pretty giant garden

Pumpkin flowers

While a bridge over troubled pumpkins was temporarily considered, instead I opted for Finny’s suggestion of tomato cages. The pumpkins? They’ve been wrangled.

Tomato cages at work

Much, much better

Pulled back

Pumpkin flowers

I may try frying these

So easy! And with supplies I already had. I had one of those Laura Ingalls Wilder moments this morning when I was hanging clean laundry on the clothesline to dry, watering the garden, pulling muffins out of the oven and realizing I so missed my calling of being a pioneer woman. Although I’d probably have 12 kids by now and be pretty close to death, statistically speaking.

baby beets

So, thank God I wasn’t born in the 1800s. I like being able to drive a car (not a wagon), grow food for the hell of it, (not the necessity) and I’m fond of sports bras  (not so much with the corsets).

The winter garden is sprouting and while I am now watering this by hand thanks to a minor dispute with the neighbor, I am so optimistically happy about its progress. Beets! Baby beets!


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8 Responses

  1. I was born in a pumpkin patch!!! lol! I love pumpkin ANYTHING!

  2. I just came across your blog and loved this post. I love days when it feels all prairie times:)

  3. I’m so relieved you listened to someone who actually grows stuff.

  4. Good job and don’t neighbors just suck sometimes? Even the ones who you semi-like always have to butt into your business. At least mine do and I’m not the sort who really infringes upon their rights.

  5. Happy pumpkin growing!

  6. Yay Kelli! Great job!

  7. Have you eaten pumpkin flower quesadillas? Let me know, I give you the recipe.

  8. Nice… Mine are on their last breath… Sigh… Need to pull out the desert gardening books.