Wrap Her Up and Call Her a Lady

May 1st

Can I have that waist too

It’s no secret around here that I’m a huge Jackie O fan. Love the pearls, the bobbed coif, the giant sunglasses. I’ve been copying her for years and think perhaps the only perk of marrying Tom Cruise is a new and improved Jackie O-inspired sense of style. Katie Holmes, I adore how you are looking these days, even if you are a bit Stepford.

I’m not sure when I became a fashion prude but I couldn’t be happier that this style is on its way back. I am sick of the thong panties peeking out the top of too low, too snug, muffin-top-inducing jeans. (So I don’t spin around in the mirror. Ha!) In all seriousness, you don’t have to be thin or wealthy to dress like a million bucks these days. Nothing looks better than clothing that fits — including bras that hold the girls at attention, jeans that are hemmed to the right length and heels that are appropriate for the occasion. You can being wearing Tarjay next to Hermes and I wouldn’t know the difference if the model had both items tailored to her size.
I’ve made my fashion faux pas a time or four and am frankly one of the least fashionable in my gaggle of girlfriends. White eyeshadow in college? Overlooking the warning for brunettes on the Sun In bottle in high school? Wearing plaid during a brief, very ugly and very distraught grunge phase? Considering clean pajamas a great clothing day at NAU? All shamefully true and yes, they do make me want to hide behind an even larger pair of JKO frames.
In these missteps I’ve learned a couple things. Diane Von Furstenberg is always a classic. Pearls are always good to have in a pinch; they’ll make any item seem more polished. I am my happiest in flip flops or running shoes. I’ve learned I should spend money on good handbags, shoes and a lipstick that flatters any time of day. I wear my Gap basics thin, while trendy items often hit the Goodwill basket before they’ve lost their Old Navy scent. Black is my slimming best friend. Jeans, a white t-shirt and a sincere smile often catch a man’s eye when a slinky dress just makes me look like every other girl in a Scottsdale restaurant — hungry and uncomfortable. (And really wishing I wasn’t holding a $12 glass of wine.)

May-June Fin Donk Sewing Adventure Project

So, what to sew in the next Finny and Donk Sewing Adventure? Why, dahling, I thought you’d never ask. The wrap skirt, of course. Make it a length you find suitable and post your best fashion forward photo in the pool by June 30th. We’ll select a winner (of fancy goodies, no less) by her creativity and style.


P.S. I need a haircut. I’m thinking the Jenny McCarthy asymmetrical bob. The uneven length may drive me nuts, but I think she’s looking pretty fabulous.

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20 Responses

  1. haha! Me first!

    A. Love the skirt. I will make it and ROCK IT for the pool in a Finny-esque way. I’m sorry but it will probably not include pearls. That’s your department.

    B. I LOVE THAT HAIRCUT. If I had any balls, I would cut my hair that way. But, as it turns out, I’m very wussy and rely on my long straight hair as a disguise.

    Nice pick, Kell. Winner is up, too!

  2. Katie Holmes does not look Jackie-O or Stepford…she looks like a 12 year old boy…which, if you know anything about her husband, is not surprising…

    Oooh…i can be such a bitch!

  3. Cute post. Love the skirt you chose.

  4. Super cute skirt!

    I feel like we don’t have totally different taste, but I spend my fashion money in a totally opposite way. In my book, expensive jeans, amazing tailored jackets, and unique jewelry go a long way, where as I almost never spend money on purses or shoes, and even though i have hundreds of necklaces that I love, the only pearls in the bunch are an occasional black pearl (and both of those were given to me by my husband).

    To each his own, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I think you should go for the haircut. Jenny M. has a long face like you do and I think it would look nice on you like it does on her.

  5. I agree, classics are the staples of life!

  6. You would look GREAT in that haircut!

    Also, I am with you…it is better to wear clothing that fits your size (not the size you WISH you were) and a good bra. Believe me, without a good bra…the girls are somewhere around my navel or lower. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Cute skirt…have eyed it myself.

    Oh, and what is with me needing to see every woman’s cleavage at work?? Hello??? Invest in some camisoles.

  7. The hair: DO IT!

    I cut mine in December. Its very liberating, and I spend 1/2 the time with my hairdryer than I used to in the morning. And complement galore!

  8. Cute hair do! Would never work on my head but I still like it.

    Maybe while I’m layed off I can try some of your challenges :O)

  9. I think you would look amazing in your JKO’s and an asymmetrical bob, but I love your hairstyle the way you have it too! Have fun with it!

    As India Arie sings “I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within!”

    The dress is fabulous too! You should really consider making clothes for your friends who are not as talented as you are but want to look equally as fashionable!

  10. Cute skirt, can’t wait to see yours!

    And I love that haircut, it would look fabulous on you!

  11. The wrap skirt project is a lovely idea for the sew-along.

    My core wardrobe is built around classics (complete with pearl necklace) and I throw in a few fun things now and then to keep from being bored.

    The hairstyle you mentioned is a great idea, but I think you look beautiful anyway.

  12. Go for the hair cut!! You will love how easy and quick it is to style. Stock up on little hair clips and cute barrettes for when you are exercising – they are my savior.

    Hoping I can actually complete this project… I love wrap skirts.

  13. looks fun! i couldn’t be more thrilled with the turn in fashion!

  14. I’ve been waiting for this! Yay!

  15. LOVE the classic Jackie-O look. LOVE the quality pieces – shoes, purse, etc. DO NOT LOVE the haircut. I’m sorry, I know I’m in the minority, and I do think you could totally rock it, but this asymmetrical cut is the new “Rachel.” It’s the Coach bag of hair – everyone has it. At the end of the day, though, do what you like – it’s your hair!

    ps. Love the India.Arie reference, Tara!

  16. This project is the perfect spring/summer clothing item (although the way the wind is blowing today….you might be dealing with some flashing issues). And thanks for the extended deadline. Maybe this is one I’ll make for a change. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Oooh, love quality pieces. So glad you picked this one, and even more glad that you chose 2 months! I am woefully behind on all these projects!

  18. Thank you very much for your help, this has been a great break from the books,