August 15th

For a friend’s upcoming birthday, as a nudge to return to her love of painting:

An artist's gift

An artist's gift



An artist's gift

And if the thing gets smudgy with paint? Just throw it in the wash. Got to love hand towels from Tarjay.


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5 Responses

  1. Love it. I made a roll up like that for my makeup brushes. Works great, except I rarely use the make up brushes or even make up. Hope it encourages your friend.

  2. What a pretty, thoughtful gift! Well done. 🙂

  3. Wonderful! The brushes with the cobalt blue are so pretty! I think you may have inspired me to get to painting again. I love it so and haven’t done much of it recently. Now that my daughter will be leaving for college next Friday, I think its time for me to concentrate on me for a change. And the roll up made from a towel! Love it…I think I need to start sewing again too! Yay!

  4. So nice, useful and thoughtful….

  5. So beautiful!