Wrapped and Ready

May 30th

Dear Finny,
How are you my friend? How is the running going? How is the garden? Is your sweet Bubba back on American time after his international galavanting? Speaking of, as you know I am leaving tomorrow on a jet plane and won’t be back again (for a few weeks.) Anyway, to hold up my end of the Fin and Donk Sewing Adventure bargain, here is my wrap skirt for the June/July challenge:

traveling fashion 001
traveling fashion 003
end of may 2008 007

In a not so humble moment, I have to say this is my favorite thing I’ve ever sewn. I love it. I love the color, the simplicity and the way it swishes when I walk. It is just too fun! I can’t wait to make more of these from Nigerian prints when I get home.

In other news, and yes I know it has been blogapalooza around here as of late, but I’m weening myself from technology and trying to get it all in while I can: we celebrated AJ’s birthday early this morning at the bagel shop. You may remember AJ from previous hedgehog entries. He is one of my sweet friends and he was thoroughly surprised and happy with the delivery of a casserole of these heavy cookies this morning. He walked around the bakery handing them out to customers. Then he told me an hour later he had an artery exam. If I’d only known! These take four sticks of butter, 6 eggs, a cup of oil and lots of chocolate. Not to mention the cookies or nuts. They are basically a heart attack wrapped up in a cookie bar and I made him an entire casserole minutes before he was seeing a cardiologist. How’s that for timing? Nothing says happy birthday like a nice gift of cholesterol.

end of may 2008 002
end of may 2008 003

Okay, off to do some continent hopping. Last post for a bit. Thank you all for your sweet traveling words. Can’t wait to check in soon from the first stop: Nicaragua.

Take care Finny. Can’t wait to see how your garden goes when I get home.


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23 Responses

  1. What a CUTE skirt!

  2. The skirt is fantastic. While I can’t comment on the way it swishes when you walk, I agree that the color and simplicity make it wonderful.

    Enjoy your travels!

  3. Safe travels Kelli! I will be looking forward to your posts when you get back home. And as for the skirt, your glowing review will make all of us want to sew one now. Yours looks great. Be well my friend.

  4. OMG, love the skirt, but that cookie thing? took my breath away. recipe, please? pretty please, with nice gift of cholesterol on top!?

  5. So pretty! And I love the fabric! And I totally want to eat that!

  6. Have an incredible time!

  7. Ooh Ooh Ooh! I love this skirt! You did a great job! I have hope now!

    I was a little worried I wouldn’t like this, but now I have hope. And I think I might have enough birdie fabric left to make a skirt.

    I definitely have enough AB green/green to make a skirt. Ooh, I hope I have something good to show you.

  8. OH GIRL! Have fun! Be safe, and have loads of adventures!
    love the skirt, and the frida bag..

  9. Great skirt!
    Have a wonderful and safe trip!!

  10. Aw, I love the skirt! So sassy.

    Hey, I’m going to miss you, going away for so long like you are. Have a wonderful, safe journey! 🙂

  11. Have a great trip Kelli! Be safe 🙂
    PS – The skirt is fantastic!!!!

  12. Have so much fun!!!!! Take care of yourself ~ k?

    Love the skirt, the style and print:)

  13. I missed you! Hope you have had safe travels so far. I LOVE that skirt. Take good care my friend. Can’t wait to hear of your adventures…..

  14. I hope you and your lovely skirt will have a wonderful trip, Kelli!

  15. I can’t wait to hear about all your adventures! I hope you have an amazing time!! And, the skirt is very cool!

  16. Cute skirt! I love that blue!

  17. Your skirt looks great! I used that same fabric on a bag last year – love it! Have a WONDERFUL trip!!!!! Be safe my friend.

  18. Love the skirt! Especially the print. Have a safe trip. You are in our prayers.
    -Sara and family

  19. Cute skirt. Wow, you did actually make a skirt and bag, plus pack for your trip! You are the crafty energzer bunny!

  20. Kelli, this skirt is way too cute, right? I LOVE it, love the colors, love the way it lies, and I too love a skirt that swishes when you walk.
    Keep up the great work, Kelli.

  21. Your skirt is gorgeous and I can definitely see why it’s the favorite thing you’ve made. I’ve not yet made mine, so I need to get busy on that.

  22. Wow Kelli, your skirt is amazing. I must make one. It’s soooo cute!!!