Y’all Invited: Southern Community Dinner

Celebrating Adam’s 25th:

march 27 015

BBQ pulled pork sandwiches on

march 27 009

Buttermilk biscuits,
with a side of

march 27 023

BBQ chicken wings

And those not wanting heart disease enjoyed:

march 27 021

Las frutas y

march 27 017

Los vegetales.

march 27 025

I think he was happy with the dinner.

march 27 026

It smelled good, but I simply cannot bring myself to eat pork or chicken wings. It’s the fat, and the skin respectively. Skinless bbq chicken? Love it, especially if it is my dad’s recipe. But this is just not my style. That said, it was fun to try something so new.

march 27 028

Thankfully he disagreed. And omnivore and carnivore alike came together to feast on brownies and ice cream in the end.


18 Replies to “Y’all Invited: Southern Community Dinner”

  1. Your guest is indeed adorable and the food is fabulous. As a southerner, I have a great appreciation for barbecue pulled pork. We eat ours with cole slaw slopped on top of the pork and sandwiched in hamburger buns. Some french fries, sweet ice tea, and either lemon meringue pie or banana pudding tops it all off. A heart attack just waiting to happen but heaven on earth in the meantime.

  2. Ummmmm. Friend and food both yummy πŸ˜‰

    And I’m with you on the pork and the wings. But I do LOVE me some Carolina-style pulled chicken BBQ with a side of slaw and hush puppies and a big ol’ glass of iced SWEET TEA!

  3. My husband would love it if I made pulled pork. How did you make it? what recipe did you use? Meal looks great, as usual πŸ™‚

  4. Looks, delish!! I’m from southeast Texas and it smells like home to me! πŸ™‚

    Although I skip the chicken wings, too…shhhh…

  5. BAHAHAHAHA! Laughing at all of the people enjoying Adam’s face. Cracks me up. You will need to post the counter picture to his getting a slap shot in the head on Saturday night. Might change opinions. Happy Birthday again! Excellent meal. The BBQ chicken was fantastic and holy heavens those biscutts were yummy.

  6. All of that looks soo good..but I don’t know if it can be a real southern dinner without something friend..haha-talk about heart disease..

  7. I agree…how do you know all these cute men?! Geez!! Now i really do wish i was your neighbor. Hehe, just kidding I’m married… *wink* and he’s pretty cute too. But still, you’ve got quite the stable there. ;p
    Your pulled pork looks fabulous, pulled pork is one of my most favorite things to eat in the world! Yum! When I lived in Tennessee we had this really great pulled pork place near us, oh man, was it good.

  8. Kudos to you–I simply can’t turn down a pulled pork sandwich. It’s a fave of mine. I’ll be trying that recipe. BTW, I made Mexican meatloaf AGAIN last night…everyone loves it!

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