Yellow Aji Chicken

November 13th

Dinner and lunch and dinner and lunch

When my buddy Clare and I headed to South America last year for work, we fell in love with many aspects of Bolivian life. Both world travelers, we were delighted to find a new culinary specialty: yellow aji. Aji in Bolivia essentially means spicy anything. It could be salsa or a sauce or in a drink. Aji! We thoroughly enjoyed our aji. Aji with bread. Aji with vegetables. Aji with llama…

Clare and I rock the salt flats

Clare later found a jar of this Goya yellow aji marinade, which I uncovered in the fridge tonight. The perfect cover for two otherwise bare chicken breasts. The result was fabuloso, as they’d say down south.

Peruvian aji chicken

Mil gracias Clarita!


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12 Responses

  1. Ohhh that looks muy delicioso. Where’s smellivision when I need it?

  2. I never been to Bolivia! Curious! this meal is probably really good!
    Ha, 27 you said…not even close! I am much older! Hahaha! Go back there and find out. You so sweet!

  3. That looks so good! And I can’t eat spicy food & haven’t eaten meat for 10 years. I want to eat that.

  4. Ohhh I don’t do spicy, however those look yummy.

  5. It looks really yummy. Considering the chicken meat is a little unflavoured, a little spicy will do good!

  6. Mmm, how I love spicy! You rock the kitchen, I tell you!

  7. When I was in Tibet I stopped at a really REALLY run down road side stall and had Yak Meat Momos with “special sauce”.
    Even though I probably “shouldn’t” have eaten at this particular place (you know, according to U.S. health standards), I still dream of those incredible Momos and the sauce. Sometimes, it even seems like it might be worth it to once again fly from Denver to LA to Narita City to Beijing to Chengdu to Lhasa just to have those Momos!

  8. You are always doing something creative and different in your kitchen Kelli. Looks maaaaarvelous! Thanks for the prepared sauce tip; I will be looking for it.

  9. You really need to stop with all this cooking. You are making my mouth water! It looks so yummy, especially the spicy chicken. I love spicy, but the baby is going to come out breathing flames if I don’t hold back.

  10. Let me guess, the llama tastes just like…


  11. A friend taught me how to cook a fabulous (FABULOUS) Peruvian dish with Aji Sauce. She always buys her supplies from Good source if you’re looking for something special from Bolivia, too, I’d imagine!

  12. Kelli that looks so good!!!! You will have to post a recipe.I love Spicy anything and so do my boys!! YUMMY!