This week's soup

This week’s yellow soup is roasted acorn squash with garlic and cayenne. It is spicy and perfect for the rainy weather we’ve been having.

This week's soup

Yellow seems to be a recent theme — and not just because I’ve fallen in love with the Golden Doodle.  I’ve taken up tennis this month after playing a friend on the Wii during Christmas break. He beat me and of course I challenged him to a real match. He plays tennis; I’d never picked up a racket before. Fast forward three weeks and I’m knee deep in lessons and matches with other friends in preparation for an anticipated serving of humble pie. There are times I simply cannot keep my competitive edge in check. Then again, this got me playing something new, so it really will be win-win.

This week's soup

I’m also a little yellow over a recent car mishap. My bank account is jaundice after the front end of my sweet car needed to be replaced. Long story short: parking garages are not nice places and people should really leave a note.  Mind you, I was fighting my first parking ticket when this happened. Curses! The good news is I’ll be out of this crappy rental car and back into my newly improved baby soon.

This week's bread

There is some happiness in this shade too: think daffodils, sunflowers and daisies. I’ve spent time recently with two women I met here and they are delightful! Jennifer and I have long chatted about books. We met last week after a tour of the Montelucia for tacos and margaritas in Scottsdale. She is so fun and it felt like we were long friends falling back into place.

And last night I delivered this lemon oatmeal bread to my friend Tina who recently moved to Phoenix from Georgia with her family. We took a tour of Taliesin West and then I had dinner with her clan. It was such a lovely evening!

Balancing the good with the bad, it’s safe to say I come out far ahead.