‘You Were Born To Bake’

December 19th

Giddyup. I heard that at the bagel shop this morning when dropping off some Christmas goodies for the poker boys. That was nice to hear. They received peppermint brownies, double chocolate brownies and low-fat pumpkin brownies.

double chocolate brownies

Low-fat pumpkin brownie recipe here.

pumpkin brownies

I threw in a few pumpkin peanut butter cookies for good measure too.

pumpkin peanut butter cookies

Tonight I’m celebrating Christmas with one set of grandparents. I’m pretty clueless when it comes to buying gifts for men. I don’t know what to craft for them, if anything. And the wallet, cologne, belt thing only lasts on repeat so long before you are a dreary predictable gift-giving mess. This year, I’m baking and mixing for the men in my life.

My grandfather's Christmas gift

Pumpkin spice cake for my grandpa. My grandma doesn’t bake for him anymore, so I know this will be a hit.

bottled trail mix

And trail mix for a few others. Pretzles, peanut M&Ms, raisins, apricots, chocolate chips and a new water bottle to boot.

dark Christmas

The Christmas kitchen is officially closed for business.


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30 Responses

  1. Look at you go! I think I gained a couple of pounds just looking at all those goodies! I have a hard time thinking of gifts for men as well. Can’t go wrong with baked goods, though.

  2. Everything looks so yummy! Hope you have a great time with your family.

  3. Man, you’re outta control (in a good way). But I’ll definitely take a peppermint brownie a couple months from now.

    For now, go get some sleep!

  4. What a great idea! Everyone could use more yumminess in their lives, especially if their loved ones aren’t into baking. 😉 Love the waterbottle fun too.

  5. okay, now I’m hungry. And there is nothing sweet in tne house!

  6. Ohhh I love the bottles!!! qué buen idea Kelli y se ve muy bonito.

    Acabo de ver un post acerca de ti, me gusto mucho también, eres una persona muy linda.

    Un abrazo y felices fiestas, seguro tu abuelito adora su pumkin spice cake…

  7. The bottles with trail mix are a GREAT idea! I really like that and will have to file it away in the ever so hard category of what to get for the men.

  8. you are too clever! don’t all men like baked goods? and in a re-usable water bottle to boot? you are too sweet to those little old poker men at the bagel shop. what do your labels read?

  9. Love the bottle idea – super cute

  10. I’m drooling at your creations Kelli!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. gifts from the heart. what could be more perfect?

  12. I adore the water bottle crammed with treats idea! Practical and delicious, and adorable to boot!

  13. Ditto on the water bottle idea! Awesome, esp with trail mix! You could even add a bandana for that special hiker in your life!

    You’d be so proud of me – I put together little individual holiday gift bags with cookies and hershey kisses and tied them up with ribbon and brought them in to the office today. They are a huge hit!

    (Although, they were supposed to be party favors for Kevin’s graduation party and I “forgot” in my wine-induced state to bring them out!)

  14. Great trail mix/water bottle idea!!

  15. Those brownies are making me drool!

  16. the trail mix bottles look fabulous! what a terrific gift for anyone & everyone!

  17. These photos make me so hungry!!
    It all looks delicious!

  18. I’ve started adding dried mango to my trail mix to add more beta carotene to my diet. 🙂

  19. That is one awesome collection of munchables, ma’am.

  20. Whoa! I think you’re right on target with gift ideas that will be a big hit with the guys.
    That water bottle idea? I’m taking it!

  21. Kelli, your going to make someone a wonderful wife some day wilth all that cooking !!!

    Just to let you know I’ve re-opened the blog for over christmas at least.

    The idea with the water bottle is just the best.

    Love Julia x

  22. Job well done, girl!! The trail mix idea? Gold – pure gold.

  23. I think baked goods are wonderful gifts for anyone. When I taught at the weathly school, once in a while I would get a home baked pie or bread and it was wonderful. I was so busy with report cards and the holidays that it was so nice to take something delicious home. Also, when I was little my grandmother used to make pickles and jar them for all my older boy cousins. I was so jealous! Once I got the nerve up to ask her for some too and I got them. They were soo delicious! The next year she moved to the apartment and never made them again.

  24. Gifts hand made and coming from the heart are the best!! And those peppermint brownies……mmmmmmmmmm

  25. Fantastic gifts as usual, Miss Kelli. Those brownies look delish and my stomach is growling.

    Have fun in Texas!! Goodies for you upon your return. 🙂

  26. Ho Ho Ho!

    It all looks YUM!
    (and I love the trail mix presentation….)

  27. Kelli, you always make me so hungry when I read your blog. I love all the things you make–and the water bottles filled with trail mix is a fantastic gift. As for “man gifts,” I never know what to do either but I got books and make some manly scarves for their gifts this year. I also made “man” kimono robes based on the pattern in Amy Butler’s “In Stitches” book using a masculine-type Japanese fabric print I found at Jo-Ann Fabrics along with a man version of her hanging toiletry bag found in the same book. I hope these work and they like them ’cause I’m out of ideas for men.

  28. holy crap am i hungry now!!!

    and what a great idea about putting the trail mix in the water bottles.


  29. Just discovered your blog–what fun! I have to chime in with everyone else about the whole trail mix in a water bottle idea–simple genius.

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