Zakka Sewing

March 21st

I’ve been trying to talk myself into doing some larger patchwork projects. Not quite a quilt, but I have several larger projects in mind I’ve been plotting. Also, I have a growing pile of scrappy pieces of cute fabric that need a good home.

Sometimes I go long enough without doing something, I’m afraid I’ve forgotten how. Also, I regularly talk myself into projects that are far too difficult. So, as a test run this weekend, I whipped up these patchwork pouches:

Quilted pouches

Quilted pouches

Quilted pouches

Quilted pouches

Quilted pouches

Quilted pouches

Quilted pouches

Quilted pouches

Enough stammering over the larger project. Time to get busy.


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10 Responses

  1. Gorgeous, Kelli!

  2. Karel Donley March 21, 2012

    Very pretty, Kelli, and practical too! Good job!

  3. Those are fantastic. It’s like summer in a pouch!

  4. Oh – I love these! So pretty and love the design!I just looked up “zakka sewing” on Google … and oh my, a whole bunch of new books on Amazon to covet 😉 I love functional, practical, useful projects!

  5. Do you know, that little wristlet/pouch you made me is perfect for the gym. Fits my locker key, iPod, chapstick, ID. Love these. Now go kick some project booty.

  6. I love the pouch and the patterns and the cuteness of it! 🙂

    So glad you did your test run, for obvious and selfish reasons!


  7. Ahem. I can vouch for the fact that you most certainly have not forgotten how to do patchwork! Very lovely presents. Proper handwritten correspondence to follow!

  8. Kelli~ I had to go look up Zakka. I am so out of the loop. 🙁 Thanks for the inspiration to look through my scrap pile! ~Sue

  9. Nicely done! I have yet to try sewing a zipper…something I need to stop procrastinating on and get after – perhaps a project like this is just the ticket!