May 31st

The Denver Zoo is pretty fantastic. People — they have polar bears. REAL, LIVE POLAR BEARS! Coming from the Phoenix Zoo — which is so dang great in desert big horn sheep, gila monster ways — polar bears might as well be unicorns. And although they are sadly going the way of the dodo, I hear these sweet nordic teddies love the winters in Colorado.

A Real Life Coca-Cola Ad

Yeah. I squealed with glee too. So sweet! And deceptively cuddly, like these guys:

HIP Hip Hooray!


We spent several hours wandering and admiring the variety of animals. The trainers who care for the zoo’s two Asian elephants truly won my heart. Mimi and Dolly were captured in the wild prior to the Endangered Species Act. One of two has only ever lived at the Denver Zoo, and is 50 years old. They are currently building a new Asian animal exhibit, where they’ll have many more elephants. One trainer said they expect Mimi and Dolly to play “house mother to a bunch of frat boys.” It will be so fun to watch this pachyderm party when the construction is complete.

Dolly + Mimi

Word on the street is these showgirls want an invite.

Zoo showgirls

Zoo Showgirls



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  1. nalani May 31, 2011


  2. You’re the only person in the universe that could refer to a frickin’ Polar Bear as “deceptively cuddly.” Unbelievable.

  3. FUN! But, if we’re comparing AZ to CO…don’t count out AZ in the zoo category too quickly. Reid Park Zoo in Tucson is pretty great! And…drum roll, please…they have a polar bear! 😉 http://www.tucsonzoo.org/meet-the-animals/polar-bear/

  4. Jeanie May 31, 2011

    I took our son on his first zoo trip (spontaneously one day) and he was 2.5. He got the biggest kick out of the polar bear sitting there eating a pile of carrots in August.

    Glad you can see the PB, too. Cool animals, aren’t they? (no pun intended)

  5. The Tucson Zoo has a Polar Bear, he seems happy, too! Rory is super jealous your new zoo has elephants. The Detroit Zoo is great…but not elephants, an UNBELIEVABLE Polar Bear exhibit though (when you come visit we can go, you can walk in a tunnel under their habitat and they sit on it or swim over it, etc). Glad you are enjoying Denver!

  6. Love those photos especially the one of the tiger with the stone wall and greenery, very pretty. Those look like Rebel shots.

  7. How sweet is the polar bear??? Well, cuddling with him could be a little difficult, but very sweet nevertheless……

  8. How fun! I have been wanting to visit our zoo for a long time (it’s been years) because they have polar bears there. And a baby elephant too. Glad you had a fun trip.

  9. A little zoo not to far from where I grew up used to have a polar bear. It had such a small enclosure with a pool. Now I think back on it and think how sad it was! I hope it got moved somewhere better and didn’t die since it wasn’t there the last time I went there.